воскресенье, 4 марта 2012 г.

[Chalk and Paper | Everyday I Love - Project]

Выходные - это хороший повод заняться тем, что любишь. Самое главное, начинать утро так, как хочется. 

2 марта. 

3 марта.

Кроме того, любимая Elsie Larson в своем блоге далеко не лишний раз подтвердила всю прелесть так называемых Lifestyle Photgraphy:

"Photographing everyday life is one of my biggest creative passions! There is just something so special about capturing the things that make today wonderful. I've been photographing my daily life for nearly ten years and I love looking back on random moments from years past. In the days of film photography people were afraid to "waste" film. They chose to take more posed photos of groups of people and less small memories of each day. We're so lucky to live in the digital age where you can literally take 100 photos on your phone today and only keep your 3 favorites. I always think back to my high school self (who spent a lot of allowance money on packs of film) and imagine how blown away I would be if someone would have told me that in just 10 years time I'd have a phone that took better photos than my camera. The resources we have at our fingertips are truly incredible! "

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